So why choose Eyes for Africa? That is a great question! You can of course do it all yourself online, but you won’t get the personal advice and service that we provide you with. There are many other reasons why it is a good idea to use a travel facilitator, below are a few:



Expert advice

Having lived in South Africa since 1999, we have traveled the country extensively, and have personally visited the vast majority of places where we offer accommodation. We have over 12 years’ experience in the travel industry and use our experience to assist you in putting together your perfect holiday based on your individual requirements and budget.



Competitive rates

As a very active tour operator, our great professional and personal relationship with the various Guesthouses, Lodges and B&Bs in our portfolio, enables us to offer you very competitive rates, often the same as if you were to book directly. We encourage you to check the rates on their websites, which we send you as part of our proposal.



One stop shop:

We don’t just book your accommodation, we also:

  • handle car rentals

  • give advice on international and local flights

  • Provide door-to-door directions with approximate travel distances for your entire trip

  • Recommendations on what to do in each area you visit


Local contact

Because we are based in South Africa, we offer to be your local contact while you travel, in case you have any queries or need any assistance.